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Shannon Olson

Shannon earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Cal State Fullerton in 2007.  She has taken art classes since elementary school and took advanced art classes at Bonita High school in La Verne, where she grew up.

“I have always enjoyed painting and drawing.  The majority of my paintings involve nature or plants.  I am interested in patterns and forms that occur in nature.  The color palette I use is bright and contrasting.”

“Most of my paintings are all done in acrylic.  My recent work is in watercolor.  Some of my paintings are from photographs I have taken, and others are from live plants.”

Shannon has a special talent for creating personalized pencil portraits.  Since 2003, Shannon has been commissioned, by the Wally Parks National Hot Rod Association Motorsport Museum, to produce portraits of all Honorees at its annual NHRA California Hot Rod Reunion.  Some of her recent depictions of drag racings legends are displayed there.

Shannon has been living in New Zealand from 2008 to 2011 and has recently moved back to Southern California.