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The Mural at the Garden

Blank Wall
Shannon and the blank wall....
Measuring out the market scene
Drawing in chalk to get started
Layout Done
The fruit stand in chalk
First paint
Coloring in
Details started
Adding more detail
Shannon painting the flowers
flowers and details
It's taking shape
The rooster and serape have been added
Front view
Front view
Shannon the Artist
The Artist - Shannon at work
Yogi her helper
The Artist's Helper - Yogi - waiting to play
Up Close Rooster
Up close Serape
Full Mural so Far
The mural 3/4 done
The Wheelbarrow
The Painter
Nice haircut!
The Umbrella
A lone umbrella waits for someone to sit under it
The entire wall
The finished Mural
Shannon and the Mural
Shannon and her Farmer's Market Mural

This mural lives in Claremont, near a lovely garden.