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Pencil Portraits
Commissioned Portraits Available!

Pencil Drawing of Art Chrisman and the Hustler I
Pencil Drawing of Art Chrisman and Hustler I
Pencil drawing of Roy Fjasta and 777 Roadster
Pencil Drawing of Roy Fjastad and 777 Roadster
Art Chrisman 25 Car
Art Chrisman and the 25 Car
Dennis and th 777 Car
Dennis McNeil and the 777 Bonneville Roadster


When you move your curser over the portrait on the right, you will see the photo of the child. Shannon's drawings are very realistic and she does not trace the portrait, she just draws what she sees.

Sybilla Thompson
Sybilla with umbrella
Sybilla at 18 Months
Shirley Shahan
Shirley Shahan - CHRR
John Force
John Force
This Drawing has SOLD
Click on picture for larger image.
Andrea and Diana
Andrea and Diana
Click on picture for larger image.
Tom Medley - CHRRTom Medley - CHRR
Bill Alexander - CHRR
Bill Alexander - CHRR
Paula Murphy
Paula Murphy - CHRR
Click on picture for larger image.
Dave Uyehara
Dave Uyehara - CHRR
Twin boys
The Twins
Baby Girl
Baby Girl

Carl and Kathy
Sample of drawing from photograph
Here is an example of the original photograph and the drawing. Simply place cursor on top of this drawing.