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Custom racing portraits are perfect for land speed racers, drag racers, streetrodders, hotrodders, classic car owners, and for special gifts. A great way to honor members of the Bonneville and El Mirage 200 MPH Clubs and all record breakers on the challenging Bonneville Salt Flats and dry lakes.

A Personalized Custom Portrait is a great gift idea for:

Congratulating a driver or car owner for winning an event or setting a speed record - Gaining entry into the Bonneville or El Mirage 200 MPH Clubs - Birthday - Anniversary - Retirement - Christmas - Any occasion that deserves a memorable gift.


Bruce Geisler Drawing
Artist’s drawing of salt flats racer Bruce Geisler, an honoree of the 2003 California Hot Rod Reunion.

Here is an example of a car owner with his car.
Roy Fjastad Portrait
Roy Fjastad has been racing at Bonneville since the late 1950’s and is a proud member of the Bonneville 200 MPH club. He is the owner of the 777 Gas Rear-engine Modified Roadster record-holding race car.

Dennis McNeil
Example of driver and race car portrait.

TEAM 777 Driver Dennis McNeil set a new record at the 2009 Bonneville Speed Week at 273.393 MPH in the A/Gas Rear Modified Roadster class.

Commissioned portraits start at $175 (unframed)

Can include the driver or owner alone,
or with race car.

Contact Shannon today!

Phone: 909.593.5552

Portrait Details

  • To get your project started all that’s needed is a clear photo of the subject and car.
  • Photo can be e-mailed or sent in the post.
  • It takes about 3 to 4 weeks to complete a drawing.
  • Drawing will be done on 11x14 sized acid free archival paper unless otherwise discussed.
11" x 14" Prints Available for $25.00
Art Chrisman
11" x 14" Prints Available for $25.00
Art Chrisman and Hustler I